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iPhone 7 Plus Release Date, Rumors, Specification, Price, camera and Features

According to market research, smart phone manufacturers will attach great importance to product promotion in 2016, because Apple will release iPhone 7. Apple is very important for each release of the new iPhone, and iPhone each iteration is more important, because it indicates that Apple will make a significant change in the next generation of smart phones.

For apple, the big screen iPhone is still an important selling point. Big screen mobile phone is introduced to help Apple achieve great success. To this end, iPhone 7 Plus will no doubt continue this trend, Apple has a responsibility to help revive the tablet phone market.

Former Samsung is help flat mobile phones become the mainstream equipment the real movers that Apple has now entered the field, iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6S plus have achieved some success, we predict that the iPhone 7 plus may also achieve great success. Consumers are increasingly dependent on mobile devices, and they are particularly concerned about the size of the screen. For apple, iPhone 7 Plus is very important. Because as a mobile phone giant, apple is carefully designed for each iPhone in order to obtain consumer satisfaction in all areas.

iPhone 7 Plus will be released this year is inevitable, and the new idea of iPhone 7 Plus is worth the attention of consumers. Let us speculate iPhone 7 Plus specifications, features, camera, release date and price, etc..

The shape of iPhone 7 Plus

Although Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus shape has not been finalized, but the information about its specifications have been a lot of leakage. To some extent, iPhone 7 Plus will certainly be re designed, it should be significantly different from the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus. To this end, the fans will be worth looking forward to the release of iPhone Plus 7.

It is reported that the iPhone 7 Plus will use aluminum alloy or liquid metal chassis. Apple may also use sapphire glass, because a few years ago, Apple’s iPhone has been rumored to be using this wear-resisting material. Apple Watch has used sapphire glass.

Recent leaked video shows that Apple may completely eliminate the border of iPhone 7, but this rumor triggered a lot of questions. Nevertheless, this may be worth considering the improvement of apple, because it can increase the size of the iPhone 7 Plus display.

It is reported that the iPhone 7 Plus will be configured Touch ID system, it will be placed on the phone display. At the same time, the iPhone 7 Plus will also have the function of dust and waterproof. The new iPhone 7 Plus may also increase the health tracking function. Apple Watch 2 is expected to be added to more health care function.

Home key disappeared

Most insiders expect the iPhone 7 Plus may remove the Home key, although we have been very familiar with it for many years. Apple will be more dependent on the 3D Touch system, which will replace the function of the Home key.

iPhone 7 Plus display

In order to better use the 3D Touch technology, iPhone 7 Plus display will support Multi-touch features, so that it is more intelligent than the iPhone 6S Plus. It is reported that Samsung may release a phone with a 4K display in 2016, which is bound to force the iPhone 7 Plus is likely to use 4K display. iPhone 7 Plus display size may not be too large to change. But if Apple chose a more narrow border design, iPhone 7 Plus display may be increased.

iPhone 7 Plus camera

iPhone 7 Plus camera has a lot of rumors, it will enhance the photographic function. For example, iPhone 7 may be used SLR camera, but apple is most likely to iPhone 7 Plus camera pixels to 12 million pixels. In addition, it is also equipped with 5 million pixels FaceTime camera.

iPhone 7 Plus specifications and price

Apple needs to ensure that the iPhone 7 Plus is more powerful than the previous generation product, which means that its RAM may be increased to 3GB. In addition, iPhone 7 Plus will also configure the A10 chipset (TSMC processing), there are rumors that this processor may also be made by other chip manufacturers, Intel most likely. At the same time, iPhone 7 Plus may be a 4 core processor of smart phones.

In addition, the advanced version of iPhone 7 Plus memory will be increased to 256 GB, the battery capacity of 3100 mAh. iPhone 7 Plus will be released in early 9, iPhone 7 Plus price is likely to be around $1000.